Zigfried Steins

Zigfried Steins (Zig) is the former owner of Zigs Fuel Oil and Service Inc. Zig wears many hats in our company; His roles include oil delivery, service of heating units, and operating the recycling terminal.

Jeffery Lockwood

Jeffery Lockwood has been with Affron fuel oil for over 25 years. He is a gifted oil burner serviceman and is equally as good with Air conditioning systems. He is well liked and appreciated by our long term customers.

our team

Steve has been president of Affron Fuel oil since 1989. He is also president of Jocosa LLC since 2005. Jocosa LLC is our used oil recycling terminal.

Steve Affron

About Us

Paul McDowell

Paul McDowell has been an oil delivery driver with Affron for over for over 30 years. He was previously in charge of the management of both Affron and Jocosa.  

Jennifer Germinara

Jennifer, our bookkeeper and Office Manager, is the newest edition to Affron. She has been here since 2014 and is always available to assist our customers with any and all questions or concerns pertaining to Affron.

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